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Health Insurance for Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants may be eligible to enroll in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (Grad Plan) and be waived of the SSHIP. However, students are not automatically waived the SSHIP enrollment requirement simply because they have a GA position or have enrolled in the Grad Plan. To be waived of the SSHIP enrollment due to enrollment in the Grad Plan, the following must happen:
  • You must have a hire date on or before September 1st (for Fall) or January 1st (for Spring).
  • You must sign up for your health plan in WorkDay (Single Sign On-SSO) within 7 days of your hire date and start your benefits on or before September 1, 2018;
  • Your employee onboarding must be complete with HR and OIE must receive confirmation of your coverage through the Grad Plan from Academic Health Plans (AHP). We cannot waive a student’s SSHIP charge and enrollment until we have received confirmation the student has current Grad Plan Coverage (Notification of enrollment in the Grad Plan may be delayed if a department does not process the student’s Employee Payroll Action (EPA). An EPA is an electronic notification to the university’s Payroll Office that a department had hired a student).
  • Please note new Graduate Assistants are subject to a waiting period before the Grad Plan takes effect. During this time students are still required to be enrolled in the SSHIP and pay the premium for the SSHIP. Once the Grad Plan coverage begins, the student will be covered through the Grad Plan insurance.
Graduate Assistants do not submit a waiver through the regular waiver portal. All students with a full-time graduate assistantship must submit the following documents to the Office of International Education:
  • Appointment letter for the 2018-19 academic year
  • Screenshot of your WorkDay Benefits verifying you have enrolled in the 2018-19 Grad Health Plan
  • Process: At the beginning of each fall and spring semester OIE must verify a student’s academic enrollment as well as verify a student has met the TAMUS Health Insurance requirement. OIE will receive regular updates from AHP regarding students with the Grad Plan insurance and will remove the SSHIP charges as appropriate.  
  • Refunds: Students whose Grad Plan insurance does not take effect until after the semester starts will be required to be enrolled in the SSHIP and pay the full premium. AHP will review their accounts and will issue refunds to students with duplicate coverage. Refunds are processed after the coverage period ends (August 31 and December 31). 
  • Questions: Students with questions specifically about benefits, coverage, or enrollment process for the Grad Plan need to contact the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Human Resource Office at 361-825-2630 or
For more details: visit Graduate assistants frequently asked questions