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Registration Guide

There are a few steps to take into consideration when you register for the first time at TAMU-CC.

1.      Remove holds

Before you can register for classes, you need to remove all holds placed on your student account. A hold is restriction preventing you to add or drop classes. Holds are placed on your account if you miss certain requirements. For example, our office will put the International Hold on your account if you do not check-in with us. The Health Center will put the Meningitis and Tuberculosis hold on your account if you do not provide documentation or proof of vaccination or test. The Academic Testing Center can put a hold on your account if you do not submit proof of SAT or TSI scores, or proof of having met sufficient language requirements. The Welcoming Center may put a hold on your account if you do not register to attend orientations. The Business Office will put a hold on your account if you do not pay certain fees or bills on time. To see which holds placed on your account, follow these steps

  • Go to and log in as Current Student by your Islander account


  • From the Main Menu, click Student tab


  • From the Student menu list, click Student Records


  • From Student Records menu list, click View Holds


After identifying your holds, you can come to specific offices who placed those holds to get instructions to remove the holds. You also can call the offices before your visit. To find TAMUCC Office contact number, you can search from or visit each office/ department website.

2.      Research Classes

If you have not declared a major, or if you need more information about the different degree plans and course requirements, you can find more information using a catalog search on the TAMU-CC website. All programs, degrees, and course introduction are available at
While catalog search gives you information of all subjects you need to study in a certain degree, it does not tell you which class is available in the current semester. To find that information, you can log into SAIL and select Student/Registration/Look up classes.
You also can look up detail information of coursework from previous course syllabuses available online here:

3.      Meet Academic Advisor

Now you may have ideas of what degree plan and courses you want to take already, but you still want to make sure you are on the right track. Meeting your academic advisor will help. Each college has a number of academic advisors ready to assist you with your degree plan. To find your academic advisor, please visit You should call Advising Office of each college to book an appointment with the advisor.

4.      Register Classes

Log into SAIL, then choose Student tab. Under the Student menu list, choose Registration


From the Registration menu, you can either choose Add or Drop Classes (if you know the CRN code of the classes) or Look Up Classes (if you don’t know the CRN code of the classes), then follow instruction by SAIL.